A Diet for Kids: What Are the Healthiest Food Choices

A Diet for Kids: What Are the Healthiest Food Choices

Vitamins are what the body needs to function at its optimum level. Their presence in the food is what makes the food worthy of being included in “healthy eating.” So all the all the salads in the world would be pointless if not for the presence of vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in them, thereby making them the sources of such vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamins A to K

There are different names attached to these vitamins that have been identified as the key movers and shakers of all that your body should get to eat. Vitamins increase absorption of elements like iron, calcium and phosphorous in the body. Vitamins also help to release and utilize the energy stored in the foods that we eat. By these critical activities, vitamins help t build a strong and sturdy body with a badass immune system.

When it comes to food planning for kids, it is very important to consider the addition of these vitamin sources. These foods contain the relevant vitamins in good quantities, so it is important that by way of the food itself, we at least make a good attempt of including these foods in the child’s diet.

Food Items as a Rich Sources of Vitamins

As discussed earlier, foods contain vitamins and minerals and should be included in the diet. Some foods are super packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals and are hence the best choice of food for health.

For example, milk, which contains vitamin A, vitamin B complexes, Vitamin D and of course, calcium. Similarly, dark green and leafy vegetables are a rich source of iron, vitamin A, and Vitamin K. The list and options go on to include and is by no means limited to egg yolks for vitamin E, liver for vitamin B and fortified cereal for Vitamin D.

Supplement Vitamins vs. Healthy Food Vitamins

Natural vitamins from foods like kale, broccoli, sweet peppers, dairy products, nuts, and grains are the real deal. The most distinguishing factor between natural and supplemental vitamins is that natural vitamins contain certain trace elements, which in turn help the vitamins to work better and then whatever is not used up by the body of the child gets egested via natural processes.

Synthetic elements, on the other hand, are chemical based and in addition to being devoid of trace elements, persist in the bloodstream of the child. Moreover, synthetic, or artificial vitamins don’t have the same adequacy as the natural vitamins. So there is a fair chance that your kid could get an overdose of vitamins. Natural vitamins, on the other hand, don’t have any side effect.

Thus, healthy food caters better to a wide variety of our kids’ body’s need for vitamins, and you should be wise while choosing them.

Chubears – 100% Natural Chewable Vitamins for Your Child

Coming form of candies, Chubears chewable multivitamin gummies for kids uses complete natural sources to pack the essential vitamins. It is formulated just for Indian children keeping their specific nutrient requirements in mind and based on guidelines of ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) & IAP (Indian Academy of Pediatrics).

Why Kids Love Chubears?

Chubears has a great taste and comes in mouthwateringflavors of strawberry, pineapple, and orange. There are other factors which make it favorable for the kids-

  • It is 100% vegetarian and excludes use of products like GMO, gelatine, gluten or dairy
  • It provides your child with important vitamins like A,C,D,E,H,B3,B6,B9,B1 in fruity jelly form
  • It is developed by a doctor with high quality standards and regulations

Chubears makes kids healthier by supplying the needed vitamins so that they can do better in all areas of life be it school or sports.

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