Reasons to Love Chewable Vitamins for Kids

Reasons to Love Chewable Vitamins for Kids

Kids and their nourishment is a burning issue for parents around the globe. For us Indian mothers, it is very difficult to get the children take the required nourishment levels via traditional diet intake. Children are very fussy about what they want to eat, and sometimes we wish if the candied junk that our children love so much would be as nutritious as the food they refuse to eat.

Well here is a breakthrough: Chewable Vitamins for Kids! Read on to know more about it and reasons to love chewable vitamins for kids, and also how to order some for your kid.

Better Immunity and Eyesight: Vitamin A and Vitamin E

Chewable Vitamins contains Vitamin A, which in its free trace is found in liver, fish, milk and cheese. With issues like lactose intolerance and strict adherence to vegetarianism, your child could miss out on the work that Vitamin A needs to do to your body for a good immune system and sharp eyesight.

Vitamin E, on the other hand, provides valuable antioxidants which prevent cellular damage. Thus Chewable Vitamins can cover for this deficiency in your child’s diet.

B-Complex for Proper Metabolism and Vitamin K for Blood Clotting

Chewable Vitamins cover for your child’s need for B-Complex vitamins which are very important for the proper growth and functioning of the body. Natural sources of B Complex are whole grains, liver, dried beans, nuts, mushrooms, and seeds, which again cannot be guaranteed into your child’s diet, owing to their picky habits about what they like to eat.

Kids are very particular about the texture and smell of the food they eat, so it is only natural that they make a scene out of dinner time. Vitamin K, on the other hand, helps to maintain a dedicated supply of proteins to the liver, kidneys, bones and blood.

Better Absorption of Iron, Phosphorus, and Calcium: Vitamins C and D

Vitamin C is very crucial for proper healing of cuts, bruises, and other injuries. It prevents infection of wounds and achieves this feat via facilitating better absorption of iron in the body.

Vitamin D, on the other hand, has crucial relevance in facilitating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus to the bones and teeth from the daily nutrition. It is very important for the proper development of the bone structure of your child.

It is imperative that you supply its adequate amount to your child’s dietary planning to ensure that his immune system functions properly. While vitamin C can come from citrus fruits and dark leafy vegetables, Vitamin D has primarily nonvegetarian sources, so Chewable Vitamins can be a good source for your kid.

While there are a lot of routine dietary sources that could get you this nourishment from, the erratic food habits of children can make it difficult for the proper nutrition to reach them. Therefore Chewable Vitamins are a good source of covering up the deficiency in the nutrition.

Chubears – Yummy Chewable Vitamins for your Kids

Now you do not need to go for the multivitamin syrups or drops that your kids hate or even burn your pockets by ordering it from abroad. We have developed Chubears, India’s very own chewable multivitamins for kids.

Why choose Chubears?

Apart from providing your kids with ideal doses of vitamins like A, C, H, D, E, B3, B6, B12 and others, the following are stark benefits of Chubears

  • It is made from 100% natural sources eliminating risks of side effects
  • It is completely vegetarian available in lip-smacking flavors like orange, pineapple, and strawberry
  • It has been made keeping in mind the needs of Indian children maintaining high standards of manufacturing and lab testing
  • It avoids the use of harmful ingredients like gelatin, gluten, fat or dairy and even GMO. It is completely safe for your child.
  • It has a great taste that kids love.

Chubears chewable vitamins bring out the best in your kids – bet it studies, sports or extracurricular activities.

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